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Grogan’s Mill homes for sale in The Woodlands Texas

One-acre homesites in Grogan’s Point or half-acre sites in Doe Run, Fern Lake, Royal Fern, Wilding Estates are available near the TPC Golf Course and The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. Grogan’s Mill was the first Village built in The Woodlands in the 1970s with some of the largest lots in the community. This Village is conveniently located near I-45, the Town Center, and The Woodlands Mall, among other amenities.

The Grogan’s Mill Village Center, located directly across the street from Lake Harrison, features a variety of dining options, including Fuddruckers, Chef Chan’s Chinese, and Becks Prime, as well as Randall’s supermarket, neighborhood services, and a variety of businesses.

Grogan’s Mill is a mill in the town of Grogan. Detailed information on The Woodlands, Texas. Prices range from the $80’s to the millions in neighborhoods such as High Oaks and Woodfarm. Windwood and Pheasant Run are also popular. Tamarac Woods, Millgrove, and Sawmill Woods are other popular neighborhoods. It is formally known as the Village of Grogan’s Mill; however, it is a village within The Woodlands, a planned community in Texas.

It was the first of ten communities to be built in The Woodlands, and it was established in 1972. The Grogan-Cochran Lumber Company, which was the last sawmill to operate in the area, is the company that gave the town its name. It comprises around 5,100 residences and 13,000 individuals spread among 22 communities and more than 50 business establishments. The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center is the most renowned facility, and George P. Mitchell was the most notable resident of the community.

The Woodlands Country Club, The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center, Village Square Apartments, The Woodlands Athletic Club, and Settlers Corner Townhomes are all conveniently placed near to or close to Grogan’s Mill Center, making it easy to get around.

The Woodlands Village of Grogan’s Mill residences, which are found down winding cul-de-sacs and nestled among tall trees, has earned the distinction of being designated as part of the “Historic District.” The lovely Millbend Loop is a wonderful spot to walk or jog, and The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center, with its “Forest Oasis Waterscape,” is a popular local attraction. Grogan’s Mill is home to two golf courses: The East Course, which is a part of The Woodlands Country Club, and The Oaks Course, which is a separate entity. Grogan’s Mill is the oldest community in The Woodlands, but it also has some of the best housing options because it is close to the ExxonMobil campus.

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