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  • Are you looking to get back to the activities you used to do?
  • Maybe lose weight?
  • Slow down the effects of aging?
  • Not sure where to start?

If you’ve been contemplating an exercise routine, gym membership, or club activity, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the different options out there. There are 3 Main Factors to take into consideration while choosing an exercise routine.

1) Motivation

The first one is often the most important, Motivation. Why do you want to start a program?

Many programs put the emphasis on the ‘aesthetics’ of our bodies and not very often on the functionality of our bodies. While being concerned with our aesthetic isn’t a bad thing, all of us have our own internal motivations for seeking an exercise regimen, whether it’s losing 10lbs to fit into your old wedding dress, increasing heart function, or being strong enough to move a couch or pick up your child. The question is, would you rather be able to squat 500lbs or be able to go up 3 flights of stairs without knee or back pain? The best program for you will be the one that takes into consideration your intrinsic motivation to start your active lifestyle. With this, your motivation becomes our motivation to help you reach your goal for your reasons, not just any trainers!

2) Prioritization

The second factor to take into consideration is Prioritization. It is not uncommon to take the plunge into an exercise regimen, thinking we’ll accomplish 30 goals at once. The right program for you will be with someone who is able to sit down with you, go over your history of activity and injury. They will help you prioritize and sort the goals that will be attainable in a short amount of time and the goals that will be accomplished in a longer period of time. A program that helps you prioritize will not only prevent a drop off but will recognize when you hit milestones from your short-term goals to your long-term goals! This also creates an accountability system for your program, if you’re not hitting the goals you ought to be hitting, this should prompt your team here to revamp your program or address what needs to change and challenge you further!

3) Safety

The third factor to take into consideration is Safety. While this might seem like an obvious factor that all programs take into consideration, it is often neglected, which leads to huge setbacks for both you and your coach or trainer. We’ve all heard the horror stories of trainers and gyms loading their clients with unbelievable weight and the result almost always ending in injury. The right program for you will take into consideration your history, injuries, and current capacity in order to prevent injury and any setbacks! We’ve had an incredible number of clients who were scared to enter a gym because of former trainers and the injuries they sustained and the exercises they were forced to do. The right team will listen to both your wants and needs and create a safe program to keep you mobile and active for the long-term!

There is NO such thing as “One Size Fits All”

Many programs and gyms will tout that they will “change your life and help you reach your goals in 3 months”, any gym who makes a promise without sitting down with you first and setting realistic expectations will likely cut corners and jeopardize your safety, goals, or motivation in the process.

The Practical: What is RPM’s Movement and Performance Program

Many of our clients walked into RPM, with same concerns that are likely running through your head; “I don’t want to get hurt, I want to lose weight, there is a lot I want to accomplish.”

Our Movement and Performance Program (or M.A.P program) consists of sitting down and acknowledging the motivation for exercising, prioritizes and helps you set realistic expectations and time frames for your goals, and puts Form above all else. Form is our number one priority at RPM because without maintaining proper form and standards, the likelihood of injury and setbacks goes through the roof!

The goal and mission of our M.A.P program is to take your internal motivation and goals and make them a reality through proper exercise, form, and education while preventing any setbacks or injuries. In order to maintain the integrity and innovative nature of our M.A.P programs all of our M.A.P coaches are overseen by our Physical Therapists to ensure proper technique and form throughout all exercise programs.

We take pride in teaching our clients how to exercise properly, engage the correct muscles. We offer high support and high challenge programs to get long-term results and an education that they can take with them anywhere! Whether you are looking for short-term instruction on correct form or a consistent program to keep you mobile and active for the long term, RPM’s Movement and Performance Program has it.

Your goals probably vary from big to small and our clients’ goals typically change as they get further along in the program and see all the new things they are able to accomplish. Whether you’d like to be able to hike the Grand Canyon, travel up 3 flights of stairs without being breathless, or carry your grandchildren without fear of falling; watching our clients hit milestones, big or small, is one of the best parts of our being here and working with our team!

If you are unsure of how to select an exercise program, have a fear of getting hurt in a gym, or have been hurt in the past, there are options! You can send us an email by filling out the webform below, download the E-Guide on our programs designed by Physical Therapists, or give us a call and talk to one of our Physical Therapists or Movement and Performance Coaches!

Choosing an exercise program shouldn’t be a game of roulette, this is Your Health, Your Money, and Your Time – it’s an investment, not a gamble!

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