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How to Get in Shape Without Falling Off Track, Breaking the Bank or Getting Hurt!

Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka

Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka

Leading Doctor of Physical Therapy, Texas

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This message is from Physical Therapy and Exercise Specialist, Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka:

If you have found yourself on this page, then you are likely aged 40+ and very serious about your health, your body and your happiness. You are probably tired of all those unsustainable workout programs that make big empty promises and end up being a waste of time and money.

As we get older, more into our careers and start families; life gets busy and we slowly gain weight, before you know it there are an extra 30 pounds that never used to be there. We think “hey, that’s easy I’ll just start working out” But the weight doesn’t come off quite like it used to.. If you are suffering with excess fat and fatigue then you have hope; there are people out there that want you to get better, look better and feel better.

Very often an exercise program is started and the person doesn’t continue because of an injury, it may be an old sports injury or it might be new but the exercises you’re doing may affect your joints in a negative way.

If you are suffering with REGRET and negative emotions centered around your weight, blood pressure, diabetes or general health, then you should know that there are programs designed specifically for you to get in shape and achieve your physical goals without all the injuries and pain that comes along with most personal training programs.

I know a much healthier way to achieve the results you are searching for…

If You are Constantly Worried About  What Your Health Problems Will be in 5 more Years...  If You Want Solutions That Will Cause a Significant Drop In Weight And Ultimately Get You Back To Enjoying Life at Work and at Home…  Then You Have Come To The Right Place!

Before we move forward on to showing you how I can help, let me first make it abundantly clear that I am NOT like any of the other Physical Therapists out there. I do not work for a large hospital system; in fact, I like to distance myself from those whose advice does not align with my personal approach to life and exercise. I am not a body builder and I don’t aspire to be a superstar triathlete. You should know that the advice given by me is NOTHING like the advice given out by conventional Physical Therapists, personal trainers or any GP’s – simply because I’m a Specialist in Private Physical Therapy, I have been HELPING people in their 40s, 50s and 60s to recover from injuries and pain fast, on a daily basis for 7+ years. Once my friends and clients have recovered, we design an exercise program to help them maintain their healed body as well as developing strength and mobility so those injuries never come back.

Most of our clients have goals to get in better shape to boost their confidence, fit better in clothes, increase their energy and boost vitality. All those things can be achieved with consistent action BUT the most important aspect of an exercise program is to stay healthy so you can be consistent!

You can rest assured that our specialized High Intensity Interval Training approach to exercise is personalized and specific to each persons’ needs. THAT is the kind of care that works BEST, works FASTEST and what most people are hoping for when they come to this page.

Over my 7 years+ treating pain and sports injuries, I’ve seen many people in pain because they will jump into a “results now” oriented exercise program too quickly and aggressively. People end up in my office after that UNLESS they just decided to “deal with the pain” they wonder what’s wrong and why they can’t get answers about why the simplest tasks have become miserable to complete.

Whether you’ve come looking for a better solution to end your constant battle with a consistent workout routine, you have PAIN that limits your ability to exercise or you are just looking for NEW, better ways to move around so these problems don’t get any worse, then this could be the most important message you read all year.

If you’ve been told to “just take your medication” then you’re not likely doing that much good and you may be continuing to move in the wrong direction by getting weaker and less stable. In the long run, you could be doing more harm than good.

What most people DON’T know, including GP’s, is that there ARE things that can be done that will allow you to exercise and stay active WITHOUT any increase in pain, swelling or stiffness and WITHOUT fear of making things worse.

Here’s Who We Can Help…

What I want you to know about my Physical Therapy and Performance practice is that we don’t claim that we can help EVERYONE and for obvious reasons I can’t give away my best advice to everyone. But if you are age 40 – 65 and you can say “YES” to any of the following, then you are right to be looking for Specialist advice in getting back to a weight loss/workout program and I can say that you are looking in the right place for it:

  • You are diabetic, have high blood sugar or show symptoms of decreased insulin sensitivity.
  • Your doctor has advised you to start exercising regularly and you just haven’t found the right fit for an exercise routine.
  • You want to have more confidence when you wear shorts, a nice outfit or get in a swimsuit.
  • If you’re struggling to get through a work day without feeling tired, sluggish or the need to increase your intake of coffee/energy drinks
  • You aren’t a fan of pain killers or injections to get around as a Band-Aid, nor do you like to get generic information on purposeless exercises often given out by mill type clinic PT’s
  • You are having sharp pain somewhere in your body when you lift and you aren’t sure which exercises are safe and which ones will cause more problems for you in the future.
  • You believe that your pain is JUST arthritis or you’ve been told that joint degeneration is the cause and that has no treatment, so that has limited your ability to lose weight.
  • You’re experiencing severe pain after you work out/participate in exercise classes or when you try sleep and can’t seem to find a comfortable position no matter what you try. (For good reason, please seek advice immediately)
  • You are hoping to AVOID progressing risk factors for Heart Disease for as long as possible and don’t want to take a back seat while your health declines.
  • You value your health and the enjoyment that you get out of maintaining a healthy lifestyle way too much to risk long-term health problems or pain issues and you want to get expert advice immediately
  • You’ve got no idea how you’ve gotten to this point or why and you are concerned that you may be getting worse, you are worried about how long you’ve been in poor health and you want to know exactly how to turn things around and how long it will take to resolve and what real solutions can be done to sort it out.

...Great news, if you can say “YES” to any of those, then I am going to be able to help you like you hope.

If You Are Here Looking For A Specialist In Exercise Science, To Provide The Best Advice And To Help You Personally Get Back To Your Life, Giving You The RIGHT Exercises To Help You Get In Great Shape, Beam Confidence or Just Enjoy The Little Things Like Work and Travel, Then Here is What I Can Do For You..

I have a proven solution that works for losing weight, toning up, stabilizing joints, easing pain and ending all the common problems with workout routines, fast. It will allow you to stay consistent AND exercise longer, staying active WITHOUT the use of pain killers or painful injections. Whether your health problems are severe or you need to get toned and get your mojo back, our solution will be specifically tailored to you and will let you find more ENJOYMENT in life, faster than any other way.

Specialist exercise programing involves us using the BEST techniques to bring the quickest resolution to your suffering and get you on the right track to full speed. We will need to look at the WAY you are moving and correct/make modifications that are RIGHT for YOUR BODY. While fixing any contributing problems, we will give you the BEST exercises, specific to you, that will make the FASTEST improvements in your life. If it happens in days, it would NOT surprise me.

If that sounds like something that you would be interested in then make a simple, no hassle inquiry on cost and availability. Easily inquiry by pressing the orange button below.

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For people who are just browsing for REAL information and not quite ready to start PT or hands on treatment, they are looking for helpful advice, I have put together a compilation of some Secret tips.. the kind only given out by Experts in their field, tools that you can use in your home, on your own to start ending your worries immediately..

If that is you then you’re in luck!

I have compiled a list of the MOST important pitfalls of most exercise programs, why they don’t work, how you get derailed and what to avoid to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

It’s titled..

”5 Secrets Most Personal Trainers Don’t Know… How To Get In Shape ..without falling off track, breaking the bank or getting Hurt!! “

If you are HAPPY to start right now and want to take “the bull by the horns” with this E-guide that is valued at $35… then I want you to have it right now completely FREE… this report is for someone just like you and has been used successfully to start getting people back on track to structuring an exercise program and avoiding most of the normal pitfalls along the way.

It’s because I have become so frustrated with the number of people unnecessarily suffering and dealing with their weight and health issues that could be avoided with safe consistent exercise that I have written and published this comprehensive 8-page report that ANY person age 40+ can use to get back on track – (check out page 3) you’d be surprised at how simple it can be to avoid negative consequences of bad exercise and how much help people get from that one page.

I can’t promise that what has worked for my clients over the last 7 years will work for you but I can guarantee that reading this report will be better than resting another day, hoping that tomorrow will be different and the right program will just “show up”.

Just imagine for a few seconds how life would be in 5 years if you DON’T get control of your weight and your health now! What will life be like when you can’t go on vacation because your worried about how you’re going to get around and travel, when every activity seems like it will cause pain or wear you out to exhaustion? What type of person will you become? Will you be a fun person to live with/be around? How will you be at work? How will you feel if you lose your self-worth and independence? You get the idea..

It’s time for you to request my free tips report on How to Get in Shape without falling off track, breaking the bank or getting HURT…. do that by calling (713) 992-5916 or click the button below and confirm your details.

There are only a limited number of copies available free upon request – so please do it today.


Jonathan Ruzicka

Leading Specialist in Texas Physical Therapy, Health and Physical Fitness

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Without falling off track, breaking the bank or getting HURT!

Yours Free From Specialist Physical Therapist, Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka

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These People Came For Personal Training at RPM Physical Therapy And Look How ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY They Are Now!

Charlotte, Mid 60's, The Woodlands, TX

Jeffrey, Early 60's, Houston, TX

“I have had a lot of treatment of the years bouncing around the NFL. There are two things I look for that make me want to work with someone and that’s their skill level and the second is how much they actually care. Jon has both, he took the time to figure out the root cause of my problems, then gave me a plan and a timeline he delivered on. I get beat up playing but knowing I have a resource I can trust is important to me. I just wish he lived closer.”

D. Amendola
D. Amendola 30+, Foxborough, Mass.

By the time I decided to get help, things were pretty dire. Luckily for me, I contacted Jonathan at RPM Physical Therapy. As a former athlete and skilled physical therapist, he understood my issues and was able to quickly diagnose them and treat them. ... the results from the work are tremendous: improved quality of life and continued ability to move comfortably in the world are definitely worth it.

I thought my injuries had ended my career. But they showed me that not only could I be treated, but I could learn to keep myself healthy. That is gold, my friends.

David N
David N Mid 40's, Houston Heights, TX

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