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When it comes to addressing pain and movement problems, you need to find a therapy center staffed by caring, trained professionals. RPM Physical Therapy in The Woodlands provides comprehensive therapy services in a facility equipped with everything necessary for our patients’ rehabilitation.

RPM was founded by Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka, a former football player who suffered a devastating back injury during training. The year-long journey back to wholeness inspired him to study physical therapy at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX, and become a physician.

Dr. Ruzicka is an expert in the areas of tissue mobility, injury prevention, performance-based rehab, joint mobilization, and myofascial release. He leads his highly capable staff in delivering exceptional therapy services to every patient that comes to the practice.

Best Physical Therapy The Woodlands

RPM’s goal for all patients is that they get out of pain, start moving again, and stay mobile for the long haul. The techniques and strategies each therapist employs are customized to the patient, designed to target their specific problems and needs for a comprehensive recovery.

Physical Therapy

RPM stands apart from other Woodlands therapy centers in that sessions last a full hour, and therapists work with patients one-on-one for the duration of the session. Contrast this to other practices where therapists attend to up to three patients at a time.

Because of this highly personalized treatment, RPM patients experience faster-than-normal recoveries. Some of our patients being treated for shoulder, back, ankle, knee, and hip injuries have been restored to full pain-free functioning in half the time it typically takes patients at other facilities.

To be treated at RPM, patients must have a referral or prescription written by a medical professional. This professional could be a specialist, physician assistant, podiatrist, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, PCP, or dentist.

RPM physical therapists successfully treat patients with the following symptoms: low back pain, neck pain, ankle sprains, bursitis, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement, plantar fasciitis, shoulder problems, hip pain, knee pain, patella-femoral pain, golfer’s elbow, and foot pain.

Mobility Therapy

What is mobility all about? Mobility is movement, and as it pertains to the body, it’s about a person’s ability to move freely, easily, and without pain.

A natural byproduct of aging is stiffness as well as aching joints and muscles. These symptoms can develop slowly, almost without a person noticing them, or they can set in quickly. The impact of mobility loss is that activities that used to be enjoyable become less so because they’re harder to do. They can be simple activities--such as walking upstairs--or more complex pursuits, like swinging a tennis racket or dancing.

As mobility loss advances, it’s not uncommon for some people to turn to medication or surgery as a solution. They’re willing to take pills or go under a knife in the hopes of reclaiming their ability to do enjoyable (or necessary) activities.

At RPM Therapy Center, we treat the spectrum of mobility issues. We believe that it’s 100 percent possible, without drugs or surgery, to restore most clients to the movement quality they enjoyed in earlier days. Our therapists utilize targeted programs and therapies, and in combination with education, these can cause a transformation for many patients.

Movement and Performance

RPM’s Movement and Performance (MAP) program is an overarching strategy designed to empower our clients to enjoy an active lifestyle, lose weight, get toned, and slow the effects of aging.

Everyone has his or her own unique motivation for being active, losing weight, and slowing aging. Through our MAP program, we help Woodlands clients identify their motivation. Is it to fit back into last year’s clothes? Pick up a grandchild? Walk the length of an airport without panting? Play on a water polo team?

Our physical therapists work with clients, harnessing the power of their motivations to reach performance goals. Additionally, we work with patients to prioritize activities and increase or add to them realistically, always with their goals in mind.

Safety is a significant component of RPM’s MAP program. The fact that many clients have come to us for injury rehabilitation means that fear of re-injury is often present. Therefore, we provide training and education so that patients can confidently take on activities they used to do without hesitation.

Personal Training Sets RPM Physical Therapy Apart

Are you suffering from back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, or foot and ankle pain? The individualized, one-on-one personal training that is standard practice at RPM sets us apart from other Woodlands physical therapy centers, and our patients enjoy faster recoveries.

Back pain that starts out as intermittent and becomes incessant can make life miserable. It’s no wonder that many people resort to surgery, even with the attending risks. Strategies used by our therapists at RPM have resulted in greatly reduced—even disappeared—back pain without invasive surgeries.

Knee pain makes exercise difficult, if not impossible, and is very discouraging for active people. Many elect to have knee replacement surgery. At RPM, we have solutions that allow patients to stay active without knee pain and surgery.

Neck and shoulder pain are common complaints for people over age 40. This same demographic often deals with neck and shoulder issues by taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories. These substances mask the pain instead of addressing the core problem. RPM’s Dr. Ruzicka is a physical therapy specialist and a personal trainer who has seen successes for the past almost ten years in dealing with neck and shoulder pain.

Foot and ankle pain make walking, and many kinds of exercise impossible. However, our therapies at RPM have been successful for many patients suffering from this kind of pain. They’ve been able to resume activities and exercising without pain killers or surgery.

Do you have pain? Have you been injured? Let the professionals at RPM Physical Therapy help you get your life back.

Our Physical Therapists are trained to identify the ROOT cause of your problem and help guide you with a plan that has Long-Term Results. If you have big goals like running a marathon or you just want to be able to walk up the stairs without needing to ice down afterward, we are the right choice for you. Each person we work with gets an individual program that fits their personal needs, whether they are a caregiver, or they are motivated to be independent and avoid being a burden on loved ones.

Your goals are our goals and when you put your trust in us, we provide:

  • One on One treatment and attention which is absolutely necessary but hard to find.
  • Treatment plans specific to your needs and aspirations.
  • Exercise programs that can be done with as little or as much equipment as necessary.
  • The newest hands-on Manual Therapy from the cutting edge of Physical Therapy education and Fellowships.
  • A Doctor of Physical Therapy, One on One, at every step of the way. 
  • A family environment where you feel the true care that everyone has for you, far from the stale feel of a normal doctor’s office.

Our team is truly dedicated to your improvement and we give a 100% money back guarantee that if you aren’t happy with the service we provide then we don’t deserve you as a client. 

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About the Owner - Jonathan Ruzicka


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jonathan was born locally in Houston, TX but grew up in The Woodlands. He comes from a large family of 10. After graduating from The Woodlands High School in 2004 he went on to play football at Midwestern State University and Texas State. During his time in college he had what he thought was a career-ending back injury with two bulging disks. The search for someone to help him fix his body without surgery is what led him to his passion for Physical Therapy.

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Brad, Late 30's, Spring TX

"I had a herniated disc and it was against a nerve and they wanted to perform surgery or some kind of shot and I didn't want all that..."

Leslee, Late 40's, The Woodlands TX

"I had a herniated disc and it was against a nerve and they wanted to perform surgery or some kind of shot and I didn't want all that..."

Betty, Early 80's, The Woodlands TX

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