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What is it about Shenandoah, Texas, that interests you?

Shenandoah, Texas, is an excellent location for smaller corporate events and meetings, creative retreats, weddings, and family reunions. It is also an ideal location for more significant corporate events and gatherings. With a convenient location just 30 miles north of downtown Houston, you’ll be able to take advantage of major city attractions while also enjoying superb, inexpensive lodgings at a fantastic value. In the North Houston neighborhood, Shenandoah is a true hidden gem for anyone wishing to conduct smaller meetings and parties in an intimate setting.


Because Shenandoah is only a little more than two square miles in size, everything is easily accessible and convenient. More than 50 restaurants and a variety of retail and entertainment opportunities can be found in the city, which has received positive reviews from visitors. It is also convenient to all businesses, restaurants, and attractions in Conroe and The Woodlands from Shenandoah.


Almost all of The Woodlands’ major attractions, dining, and shopping establishments are within a one-to-three-mile drive of our city hotels, and downtown Conroe and Spring are both less than 10 miles away from our city accommodations. When combined with Shenandoah’s excellent location and convenient access to I-45, the property’s value further grows. We are confident that Shenandoah can give you a memorable experience at a great deal as long as your party size and space requirements are compatible with our available space and capacities at the resort.

SHENANDOAH, TEXAS (AP) — Shenandoah is a suburban town in southern Montgomery County, located on Interstate Highway 45, nine miles south of Conroe and nine miles north of Houston. It is typical of the bedroom communities that have sprung up north of Houston and in southern Montgomery County since the 1960s, and it is located in a rural area. The Shenandoah Valley neighborhood, previously named Shenandoah Valley Estates, was developed on a vast plot of property on the east bank of Panther Creek just west of then-newly completed Interstate 45 in the late 1960s. There were considerable numbers of Houstonians attracted to the region who were looking for reduced real estate costs and lower tax and insurance rates. Shenandoah was the name given to the company when it was founded in 1974. In addition to The Woodlands, Texas, Shenandoah claimed a large portion of the surrounding area, including a commercial center. Shenandoah annexed land in The Woodlands that Houston had claimed as part of its extraterritorial authority in exchange for the recognition by Houston and Conroe of Shenandoah’s incorporated status, which was obtained through an out-of-court settlement in 1976. By 1976, the estimated population of Shenandoah was 876, and by 1980, the population had increased to 1793. However, Shenandoah’s growth was interrupted by the energy-based regional recession of the 1980s, and the town had a population of 1,718 people by 1990. During the year 2000, the population decreased to 1,503.

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