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Jim, Late 40's, Spring TX

My doctor he recommended physical therapy but I had my doubts after seeing my daughter go through PT in high school. She was shuttled around to different machines and there were 4-5 people there at the same time so the level of care was bad. I know how to exercise, what I needed was someone to show me how to heal my knee so I could work out like I wanted.

RPM was different because I got one on one time with the therapist and he had me feeling better in days. After completing my program, I can go to the gym and I don’t have to be in pain anymore. I wish I wouldn’t have put this off so long but I am happy with the care I found and happy to recommend them to anyone dealing with chronic injuries.

Sherrie Mid 50s, Spring, TX

By the time I decided to get help, things were pretty dire. Luckily for me, I contacted Jonathan at RPM Physical Therapy. As a former athlete and skilled physical therapist, he understood my issues and was able to quickly diagnose them and treat them. ... the results from the work are tremendous: improved quality of life and continued ability to move comfortably in the world are definitely worth it.

I thought my injuries had ended my career. But they showed me that not only could I be treated, but I could learn to keep myself healthy. That is gold, my friends.

David N
David N Mid 40's, Houston Heights, TX

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