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This is for Active People that are Currently Dealing With Sciatica Pain, Running into the Glute and Down Their Leg, that Wish they Could Figure Out the Cause and Ultimately Know How to Fix it.

A personal message from our Leading Physical Therapy Specialist Jonathan Ruzicka:

This Page is for the person who is suffering with the nagging and aggravating symptoms of Sciatica.

You may have had this tingling, painful and nerve-related sensation down the butt, back of the leg and even all the way to the foot. It may have become more frequent and your current options seemingly only point in the direction of pain pills, injections or even UNNECESSARY surgery.

What is Sciatica?...

Sciatica is pain, tingling and sometimes numbness in the large nerve coming from the lumbar spine that is getting compressed. There are a lot of places in the leg that can contribute to the pain. The most important step is to find out where the first compression starts, and which parts of the leg have been most affected; then get a REAL treatment plan to correct the whole body and keep the painful sciatica from coming back.

The Simple Fact About Sciatica is…

You don’t have to live on pills or have surgery for this problem. Those aren’t adequate solutions and they don’t treat the core of the injury or all the areas that are affected by the nerve being compressed.

When you take a comprehensive approach to this annoyingly persistent problem, you can keep it from coming back, as it typically does for most people.

If you’ve been told to just “rest” or “stretch” then you may actually be doing more harm than good.

Likely, the relief you are looking for is long-term but the options you have been given don’t last and the pain continues to come back. It’s so frustrating to sit down and hope for relief, just to find that sitting compresses the nerve even further. We tend to wiggle around in our chair trying find a comfortable position to no avail, then when we get up, we hope for the pain to be gone only to find that the pain is still there, and nothing has changed.

You wonder “why?” your body isn’t able to heal itself – surely it should be able to, because our bodies are such amazing creations! But this leaves you going to bed each night, hoping that tomorrow the pain will magically be gone.

Over the last 7 years, we have been working with people age 40+, on a daily basis, to help them find relief from the torment of irritating sciatica pain and nerve sensations that impede their daily and overall quality of life. With my experience I can tell you that a mix of painkillers, rest, or stretches will never get to the root cause of most types of sciatica… no matter what most doctors say!

If You are Continually Worried About Sciatica Pain and You Want Solutions That Will Cause a Significant Improvement and Ultimately Get You Back to Being Able Exercise, Walk Normally, and Enjoy Your Life, There Is Hope…

I have become so frustrated with the number of people unnecessarily suffering and dealing with Sciatica pain that I have blocked off time in our schedule to address the concerns and help ANY person age 40+ understand more about their condition and the techniques they can use to relieve sciatica pain and stiffness naturally… and I want you to have it at NO CHARGE.

Here’s Who We Can Help…

What I want you to know about RPM Physical Therapy is we don’t claim that we can help EVERYONE and for obvious reasons I can’t give away my best advice to everyone. But if you are aged 40+ and you can say “YES” to any of the following, then you have found the best place for Specialist Sciatica Pain advice:

Are any of these you?

If you mentally checked any of the boxes above…

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Jonathan Ruzicka

Author and Leading Specialist in Texas Physical Therapy