Mobility Work and Performance

Do you feel like you’re starting to slow down?

At any age we can start to get stiff, seemingly in an instant. Then we start to lose the ability to do the activities that we had been doing for years, months, or even weeks before.

It might be big things like running or hiking, but it could even be simple things like having difficulty putting on your shoes or getting through a normal day without discomfort and aches creeping in.

When This Happens, We Usually Aren’t Sure of Why?

It can start from general aching in your joints or back to feeling tight overall. After the aches and discomfort starts, the day-to-day things, like going up the stairs or commuting, or hobbies, like swinging a golf club or traveling, start to become increasingly difficult.

As the difficulty of being active and mobile increases, so does the frustration and pain. We constantly find ourselves asking “why is it happening?” and “why can’t I find answers or solutions?” or we find ourselves trying crazy stretches, pills, or creams advertised on YouTube or Google. In the end, we are overwhelmed by more frustration than answers.

Getting older and staying active, often, don’t go hand-in-hand in most of our lives and that is the biggest problem we face. As we age, our activity levels plummet and our time sitting down increases, whether it’s in a car or at work or even in our own home.

We don’t swim, run, or travel like we did before, suddenly we can’t even fit in 10 minutes of stretching in our day. With all of this going on, we often have people on the outside telling us how we need to change which only adds to the weight and stress of finding someone you can trust to help you get active again.

After being completely overwhelmed by the mountains of information stored on Google, WebMD, and our peers’ opinions we finally go to someone with authority... the doctor.

More often than not, if we ignore the lifestyle changes or don’t get the little tweaks, aches, and pains addressed early on, we end up on the table and under the knife for an unnecessary surgery. It is very common to end up with even less mobility and be less active after surgery! The recovery process along with the previous stiffness and immobility cause you to be even more inactive, where the root of the problem is never addressed. The BAD news among all of this is that we end up in the vicious cycle where we equate pain with needing surgery, and end up living a lifestyle of pills, surgery, and sitting down.

The Good News is, There Are Other Options!

The mistake we make is thinking it is too late to start taking care of ourselves or finding natural, comprehensive solutions to the problems and issues that are holding us back from a fulfilled, mobile, and active lifestyle! There are people and systems that genuinely care about getting your golf swing back or being able to pick up and hold your children or grandchildren without the threat of pain or surgery!

At RPM we have tailored programs and options to get you the long-term results you need and more importantly an education that will help you maintain your mobility and progress. The process of helping someone navigate their busy lifestyle and helping them with practical, specific, long-term solutions is what we live for!

Don’t Make the Mistake of Thinking “It’s Too Late for Me”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking “it’s too late for me” or believing the lie that it’s your genetics or age! There is an incredible transformation waiting for you – all you need to do is take action.

It all starts with a goal, something you’d like to get back to doing or a feeling you’d like to get back to feeling. Write ONE THING down, or if there are more then make a list of things you want to do or feel again that the immobility and inactivity has taken from you. Starting and contemplating a goal is the first step to taking your life back!

Your best life is waiting for you on the other side, all you have to do is take the leap of getting more information. Our mission is to help you overcome adversity and return to a better, more mobile, and more active way of life!

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