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Physical Therapy

If you have been referred to physical therapy, we successfully treat complex injuries with a comprehensive approach. All the joints in our body have connective tissue components that are affected upon injury and need to be addressed during the healing process. Shoulder, hip, back, knee and ankle injuries in half the time of most physical therapy clinics. All treatments are one-on-one for an hour, much different from the normal PT clinic that has patients share therapist time with 1-3 other patients. We believe in personalized treatment and attention for all our patients, that way we can guarantee a higher level of results fast and get our patients back to their normal activity levels as soon as possible.

*In the state of Texas, a prescription or referral is required for physical therapy services, it can be written by any medical professional including specialists, PCPs, dentists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, podiatrists and physicians assistants.

We treat:

These treatments are so effective because of our one-on-one approach to specifically treat the cause of your injury. Rather than getting tossed around between therapists and getting only 10-15 minutes of dedicated time, our treatment sessions are one hour and we will make sure you are with the same specialist that performed your evaluation.

Look Who Else Came For Specialist Treatment at RPM Physical Therapy And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…

Julie, Mid 40's, Spring, TX

Sharon, Early 60's, The Woodlands, TX

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