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For Active People With Back Pain Who Wish They Knew Exactly What to Do and How to Stop Back Pain

Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka

Leading Doctor of Physical Therapy, Texas

A personal message from our Leading Physical Therapy Specialist Jonathan Ruzicka:

This Report is for the person who is suffering with miserable Back Pain.

You may have had this “sharp pain” or “dull ache” before but now it is more frequent and your options only seem to point in the direction of pain pills or injections.

The truth is those pain pills are not good for the stomach or the liver and frequent injections make the bones weaker and can damage the ligaments in the area, making a short-term pain a chronic debilitating one.

If you’ve been told to “rest” then you’re not likely doing any good either and you may actually be moving backward, doing more harm than good.

The relief you are looking for is long term but the options you have been given don’t last and the pain just keeps coming back. It’s so frustrating to get up and start moving and realize that the pain is still there and nothing has changed.

You wonder “why” if our bodies are such amazing creations doesn’t it heal and you go to bed each night hoping that tomorrow will be the day that this back pain goes away.

Over the last 7 years I have been working with people age 40+ on a daily basis, to help them find relief from the anguish of short term and chronic back pain and over the time I can tell you that a mix of pain killers and rest or stretches will never get to the root cause of most types of back pain…. no matter what most doctors say!

If you have accepted the idea that nothing can be done or that this is just the way it is and will be.. then this report is specifically for you.

It’s because I have become so frustrated with the number of people un-necessarily suffering and dealing with back pain that I have written and published this comprehensive 10-page report that ANY person age 40+ can use to relieve back pain and stiffness naturally.. and I want you to have it at NO CHARGE

I can’t promise that what has worked for my clients over the last 7 years will work for you but I can guarantee that reading this report will be better than “resting” another day, hoping that the pain will just “go away.”

The definition of insanity is, “doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” If BACK PAIN is affecting the way you interact with your family and friends or it’s affecting your work, then you really need to read this free report.

Just imagine for a few seconds how life would be in 5 years if you DON’T get control of your back pain now! What will life be like in your house, will you be a fun person to live with or be around? How will you be at work, productive? How will you feel if you lose your self-worth, your mobility and independence? You understand where I’m going..

It’s time for you to request my free tips report on Back PAIN…. do that by calling (713) 992-5916 or click the orange button below and confirm your details.

There are only a limited number of copies available free upon request – so please do it today.


Jonathan Ruzicka

Author and Leading Specialist in Texas Physical Therapy

FREE REPORT: “7 Quick Ways to Ease Back Pain and Stiffness”

Learn 7 Quick Ways to Ease Back Pain and Stiffness… without using Muscle Relaxers, Painkillers or Injections.

Yours Free From Specialist Physical Therapist, Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka

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