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back pain


Why do we have this problem? Are we inherently predisposed to these problems and if so, is there actually anything we can do about it?

This all starts with the issue of life being a sitting sport; we sit to drive, we sit to study, we sit to work, we sit for movies, we sit for dinner etc…..

We sit doing just about everything and obviously since we can walk, stand and run, we weren’t meant to spend our time sitting with our knees curled up and our backs rolled forward.

With low back pain, most of the time our problem isn’t that our back is rounded for so long while sitting but that our hip flexors are tight.

Tight hip flexors cause a multitude of problems but the most important element is that we are unable to stand straight up with our hips underneath us. If our hips can’t extend straight then we are unable to even use the largest muscle group in our bodies.

The GLUTES: the glutes are the prime movers for hip extension and there is no coincidence that most high level athletes have large, strong glutes.

For the rest of us, keeping our glutes up to snuff is more difficult because we don’t make money doing sports, or training.

We use use our glutes for one thing! CUSHION! We just sit on them and leave them alone as long as they keep us comfortable.

The fact is we have to stand up straight and over time the line of gravity is going to push through our back and that’s where we get our biggest problem. That’s where the irritation in our back comes in and that is why we ALL deal with back issues.

Back Pain affects 80% of the population at some point in their lives and the fact is we have to do something about it.

If we let this go untreated or ignored for too long then it becomes one of those horror stories of multiple back surgeries that rarely improve the problem.

Wouldn’t it be great to decrease that discomfort by 50+%? Download the free Back Pain Report and start getting back to the things you love to do because really, what else is there?


Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka
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