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I hear about this situation almost every day and people are worried that they can’t be helped BUT very rarely is it too late. The intermittent pain with certain movements is a warning sign that there is usually some fraying in the tendons of shoulder muscles.

Our life as you know is shaped to have us leaning forward, head down, shoulders forward, while sitting in front of a computer screen. Does that sound familiar? We then wonder why we can’t go exercise full speed, play sports or just play with our kids without feeling increased pain. We see this all the time and it’s normal to have these problems as we get older but they DO lead to a surgery when left untreated.

Our bodies will try to heal that area consistently by sending tons of fluid into it as kind of a “clean-up crew.” The problem is that inflammation and fluid buildup causes pain and over the long term our bodies start to adapt to that being a problem area so that fluid gets stagnant and our “normal” inflammation level is way too high. Then as the inflammation and pain stay for longer and longer, leaving those times of pain relief few and far between.

The good news is that you aren’t alone! This is a normal aging problem and we see it every single day in the clinic. When you can identify which, specific movements are causing the problem and how to get yourself in good positions long term then you can treat the problem from the source and ultimately get the relief you deserve.

If it is impingement there are varying levels of inflammation and obviously since that is where the pain comes from – inflammation needs to be controlled and decreased immediately. With the chart, you saw before it shows how easy it is to exacerbate pain when you haven’t been consistently exercising (the right way) or actively pursuing solutions.

Do you feel like your Neck/Shoulder pain is limiting you from doing the things you want? Are you worried if you start a new exercise program you might have too much pain? Are you tired of the constant limitations?

If so, there is HOPE for you or someone you love that is dealing with these problems. Click the button below for access to this free report because there is nothing more important that your health and mobility!

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