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80+% of the population deal with back pain at some point in their life and most of them will deal with recurring episodes of back pain, hopefully not for too long but some suffer chronic problems and never get any relief!

Sadly, a large number of people (400,000 Americans) resort to surgery before they ever have a good idea what the real problem is and after that their back will never be the same.

Each segment of your back has a specific motion and job, once that is modified then the other segments must pick up the slack. In my work, I have spoken to countless people that have had one back surgery just to find out that they needed another and that is a special type of situation where they probably conceded to surgery way too soon.

So… Here Are The Top 3 Reasons People Suffer Longer Than They Should…

If this sounds like your situation, then you will find it helpful to download this special report on the 7 quickest ways to ease Back Pain and Stiffness.

You don’t have to live in fear of being able to go grocery shopping or just getting in the car for a long drive. There is hope.

We have information from a back pain specialist right here, where you can get real answers to your ailing questions and you can know that the information is accurate because we treat back pain effectively, every day without pain killers or costly surgery.

If you or some you know is suffering from back pain, then share this article with them because it may give them the insight they need to realize that it’s not the time to give up but just the beginning to find the right person to help.


P.S. I became a Physical Therapist because of my own debilitating bout with back pain that lasted over a year. Through that battle I saw how hard it was to find specialist help that actually cared the way I thought they would and it made me realize… that’s who I wanted to be. The people I like to treat are the ones who, just like me, got close to losing hope but found the courage to try one more time.

Good luck and I hope you find your way back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka
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