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Client Says: “I have neck pain and everyone says it has to do with bad posture, BUT what exactly is GOOD posture???”

This client told me that she spends hours in front of the computer every single day and there is constant tension in her shoulders and pain that often runs from her neck down into her arms. Do you deal with tension like this? Have you had days where you didn’t think you would have made with all the pain? Have you ever thought it’s impossible for you to fix anything with the way you have to sit at work and the number of hours?

My client said “I have bad posture I know!!” Then she settled right into slouching over and it was confirmed.. Yes, indeed she has poor posture but she said she didn’t even know what good posture was or how to get there! That got me to thinking about this blog and how I went 20 years without knowing the best shoulder posture for my neck and back.

Proper posture is to maintain your shoulder blades DOWN and BACK not up and back. Think about squeezing a little ball or an orange with the bottom of your shoulder blades and you shoulder squeeze every bit of juice out of it because most of the time people don’t get it all the way back. If we don’t use that range of motion consistently then we don’t even know that we have it until we “reach”.

These are the type of things that de-rail people from making positive moves toward helping the ailing neck and shoulder pain that causes so much torment. If you are someone that consistently struggles with neck and shoulder pain then you will likely benefit from practicing good posture and following the specialist advice in this free guide.

Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka
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