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Recently, I had a client that came in after having constant knee pain every time she sat down for long periods. She would have sharp pain with stairs and exercising, but the worst of it was a burning sensation in her knees with sitting that wouldn’t go away, sometimes it would stay for days. Keeping the knee bent for long periods was always the thing that would increase pain worst and once it started she would worry that there was no relief in sight.

She had this problem for 3 years and no matter who she saw everyone was saying the same thing; there is no structural damage to your knee so just stretch more. She was prescribed anti-inflammatories and stretching by 3 different doctors; a primary care, an orthopedic surgeon and another doctor of Physical Therapy. No matter how flexible she got, she wasn’t able to get rid of the pain, it was like a never-ending cycle.

At one point, she gave up trying to fix it. Nothing was helping and she started to lose hope that there would be any solution. Then, her family started telling her that it was all in her head and she needed to get over it. That was when she really got determined to fight back and prove that she wasn’t just being a wimp, this was really happening and she became determined to find a solution.

In just a few short weeks we had her driving to and from work, about an hour drive without pain! She has been ecstatic, her family is happy and now she has started to go to movies again with her friends. She is no longer worried about taking a road trip vacation and what she is most excited about is that she can run whenever she wants! That was something that she thought would absolutely never happen!!

There Is a Solution…

If you are someone dealing with constant knee pain, just know that you don’t have to (deal with knee pain that is). There is a solution to YOUR individual problem and keeping the hope alive that someone will help you find that solution is the most important part.

I have put together a free report on how to ease your knee pain, movements you should start doing, some you should avoid and some INSIDER TIPS that I have seen help people just like you.

Don’t wait for the pain to “just go away”, there are typically some really simple things that you can start doing TODAY, in your own home, that will have a huge impact on your quality of life!

If this report could decrease your pain by just 30%, what could you do more of? How would your life look and who would you be able to spend more time with? How much more fun could you have?? One more day with knee pain is one day too long!

Committed to Your Health and Recovery,


Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka
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