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I’m only 35 and I have an active job working outside so why does my back hurt every day??

Just last week I had a client, James, that wanted to know why he was having so much back pain when he isn’t older and his job keeps him relatively active outside?

He also was a bit disgruntled by the fact that he has a friend that is not fit, doesn’t exercise, sits all day but never has any pain and he is in disbelief that his friend’s back is somehow healthier than his?? Understandably, this doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It is hard to believe that someone who takes no interest in their health or their body would be able to avoid any joint problems but rarely do any of us take a big interest in our joint health UNTIL there’s an actual problem, me included. The same is true with people that are lucky enough to survive a heart attack, nearly 50% of them start a regular exercise program and many more than that start eating healthier and significantly re-evaluate their priorities. Also, our perspective is shifted when we experience injuries that affect our day to day lives and affect the decisions we get to make about what activities we do and who we get to do them with…

In this case, James hurt his back 3 years ago and just assumed that it would go away but the problem began to fester and develop into a larger more complex issue where he was unable to do certain things and he started to AVOID a lot of the activities that he loved.

With every step that caused pain, he started to fear that it might get worse and with every solution he tried, he started to think that there was no chance that he would be able to find a solution.

That is a scary place to be in! Worried that something will never go away or that you, “just have to live with it! He sought out long-term solutions and found us on the internet. After just a few short weeks we had him moving again and identifying WHY he was having pain. He has consistently been taking “small steps every day” in what he knows now is the right direction and is feeling 80% better.

Figure out your WHY and you’ll figure out the solution!


Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka
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