Why Don’t I Ever Have Enough Time To Exercise?

Exercise Plan

“It’s Better to do a Little Exercise Each Day, Than to do Hours of Exercise in one Day.”

Full time working adults average 47 hours per week, many work even more! When we all get done punching the clock, time seems to run away rather quickly as life outside of work becomes a hustle. The day becomes a blur as if someone pressed the fast-forward button: pick up the kids, cook dinner, feed the dogs, clean the house, help the kids with homework, and get ready for the next day. Before you know it, time has expired and it’s time to go to sleep.

“I don’t have time to exercise”, is the statement I hear from people almost every day. It’s nothing against them, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!! The answer to finding time is preparation. Time management is maximized by organizing a schedule and setting priorities for the day.

It’s simple right??

Well, we can’t just create time.. Maybe it would be easier if we had a process or a system? In my experience the best systems are the simplest ones!

The System is 3 Steps: Plan, Prioritize and Make it Happen.

Just like you make time in your day to eat and sleep. You have 24 hours, to prioritize your day to exercise. There are windows in your daily schedule where you can fit in a workout. It is all on how you prepare and structure your day.

  • 1. Plan – planning in advance is the key to being prepared. This is what I like to call the blueprint or roadmap towards your goal: exercising. Before the start of your week, set aside a few minutes to look at your upcoming schedule. Identify the gaps of time when you have open slots. Our goal is to get at least 10 min of exercise each day. 10 minutes??? Easy! If you get more that’s just icing on the “Exercise Cake.”
  • 2. Prioritize – prioritizing is the structure that makes the roadmap solid. Work and family are priorities in life, but so is your health! After you have identified gaps of time in your schedule, set an exercise appointment, with reminders, in your calendar each day. Hold yourself accountable to your schedule. Find a workout partner. Hold each other accountable.
  • 3. Make it happen – making it happen is an undying belief of accomplishment. No excuses. No distractions. No shortcuts. Just pure enjoyment of better health!!

80% of people that suffer from a heart attack change their lives and become hard core about their health. Their brush with the reality of how fleeting our life can be changes them and makes exercise a means of survival. If you have that mindset the problems will be minimal, if you don’t then you can still follow this system and the benefits will show up exponentially.

Get Active and Stay Mobile,


In collaboration with Janelle Diaz, Director of Fitness

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