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“There has never been a better time to start than this minute. Stop messing with your potential and start shaping your future.”

Whether it’s eating better or exercising we all have things we need to work on… Have you found yourself saying, “Oh I will start on Monday”?

It’s Friday night, you decide to order pizza, drink your favorite beverage, and rent some movies. Sounds like a great night for me!!!

Just for a second, you start feeling guilty eating that slice, and you subconsciously tell yourself, “It’s Friday, just this one time… I will make it up on Monday.” Monday rolls around and for some reason, there’s never enough time to officially “start on Monday”. Then, you’re back to square one. How can we break this ever-lasting cycle of procrastination??

We all have excuses; me, you and everyone we know… Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the difference between excuse and valid reasons, but the best way to figure it out is thinking that it is an excuse first.

Then, we can start trying to eliminate excuses from our daily lives. Excuses are invented reasons we create to hide our behaviors, stall taking action, or simply disregard responsibility. One of many reasons people make excuses is FEAR.

IF we are unsuccessful then we take a direct hit to our self-confidence. Hence, why excuses become our security blanket. Let’s shift our mindset from fear to discovering our “why”.

Why is Health Important to You?

Is it to live longer for our children and grandchildren?

Are you trying to avoid terminal illness or disabling conditions?

Or is it, to feel better and be more mobile to do things you’ve missed out on all these years?

Challenge yourself to dig deep and think about the things in life that you love most. Do you have a purpose that you want to fulfill?

My purpose for health and why it’s so important to me is because I want to be more mobile, feel better and play sports to some degree with my grandchildren.

Use your “why” to ignite a healthier you! I WILL start exercising today, not Monday, not next week, but right now. Understanding your purpose is the precedent for action. If you can identify your WHY then the how is easy!

Get Active and Stay Mobile,


In collaboration with Janelle Diaz, Director of Fitness

Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka
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