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Post-injury pain and mobility problems are best remedied with the help of trained healthcare professionals. People of Conroe, TX, who suffer from these conditions, can find relief and new life through the services of RPM Physical Therapy.

RPM Physical Therapy offers comprehensive treatments for all kinds of pain and movement issues. Our fully equipped facility contains everything needed for the rehabilitation of our patients.

Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka is the founder and lead physical therapist of RPM. A former football player for Midwestern State University (TX), he suffered a devastating back injury that kept him off the field for a full year. During that recovery period, his rehabilitation experiences inspired him to study the field of physical therapy.

Armed with a physical therapy doctorate and three-year fellowship in manual therapy, Dr. Ruzicka began practicing full-time, first with a colleague and later by opening RPM. He is passionate about helping his patients find relief from pain through therapy rather than through drugs or surgery.

Dr. Ruzicka provides his patients with expert care in the areas of performance-based rehabilitation, joint mobilization, injury prevention, tissue mobility, and myofascial release.

Do You Need Physical Therapy, Conroe, TX?

Dr. Ruzicka’s goals for all RPM patients are: freedom from pain, return to full mobility, and a long life of feeling great. The therapists at the practice employ techniques and strategies that target each patient’s unique problems and set the stage for full recovery.

Physical Therapy

RPM’s highly personalized treatment protocols facilitate a faster-than-normal recovery for most patients. In other therapy facilities, it can take a person twice as long to recover from injuries than it does at RPM. Why? Because of the techniques used at RPM and because sessions are one-on-one for a full hour.

If you live in Conroe and suffer from shoulder, back, ankle, knee, and hip injuries, set up a consultation at RPM to learn how we can help you. For treatment, you will need a referral or prescription written by a healthcare professional. This person could be a doctor, specialist, nurse practitioner, PCP, chiropractor, podiatrist, or dentist.

Our therapists have successfully treated patients who suffer from these symptoms: low back pain, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, foot pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, shoulder problems, patella-femoral pain, ankle sprains, shoulder impingement, hip pain, and golfer’s elbow.

Mobility Therapy

Mobility is about movement, and in the context of physical therapy, it’s about helping patients get back to full and unrestricted movement without pain.

As people age, it is normal to feel increasing stiffness with joint aches and pain. It’s a different experience for everyone. Some people feel a gradual onset of stiffness and pain. For others, it seems to happen overnight.

Whether symptoms develop slowly or quickly, the impact of them is the same: activities become harder to do easily and thus less enjoyable. What used to be done without thought—walking upstairs, swinging a tennis racket, dancing—now become activities that are limited or even given up.

When stiffness, aches, and pain advance, many people turn to medications that reduce pain and inflammation. Or in extreme cases, they turn to surgery.

At RPM, we believe that much can be accomplished to relieve mobility issues through proven physical therapies. Without drugs or surgery, most of our patients get back the quality of movement they have been used to throughout their lives. Our therapists achieve these results through a combination of targeted therapies, practices, and education.

Movement and Performance

RPM’s programs for Movement and Performance (MAP) are integrated strategies that, intentionally combined, enable our clients to live active lifestyles, achieve weight loss, and minimize the usual effects of aging.

We begin with helping clients identify their driving motivators, understanding that for programs to work, they must align with clients’ deep-down desires. Do they want to wear last year’s clothes again? Be able to get on the floor with the grandkids? Keep up with the tour group in Rome? Join a water polo team?

RPM therapists work strategically with clients to identify and harness the power of their motivators.

The MAP programs also help clients look at goals and priorities, adding activities realistically and adjusting schedules to achieve what clients want in an empowering, not overwhelming, way.

Safety is always an important factor in the Movement and Performance programs. Understanding that many clients come to RPM for injury treatment and rehabilitation, we craft plans that prevent re-injury. Clients take on MAP programs with confidence, being educated and trained in ways to resume old activities safely.

RPM Is All About Personal Training in Conroe

Are you in Conroe, TX, and suffering from neck and shoulder pain, foot and ankle pain, knee pain, or back pain? RPM’s standard therapy sessions pair clients with therapists for a full hour of one-on-one care. This practice sets us apart from other therapy centers and provides the people of Conroe with the best treatment in town.

Do you suffer from back pain?

Back pain, whether it starts suddenly or increases slowly, can make a person’s life miserable. It’s no surprise that some back-pain sufferers eventually elect to have surgery. RPM therapists provide personal training that helps patients disappear their back pain without drugs or surgery.

Do you suffer from knee pain?

Knee pain makes it hard to exercise or enjoy activities like hiking or climbing. Active people with knee problems, or people with advanced knee pain, sometimes turn to knee replacement surgery. RPM therapists employ treatments and solutions that have been highly effective for many knee-pain sufferers.

Do you have neck and shoulder pain?

People over age 40 often complain of neck and shoulder pain. It’s one of those things that typically accompany getting older. Pain killers and anti-inflammatories are the go-to pain managers, but these medications are temporary fixes. They don’t address core problems. Dr. Ruzicka and the RPM team have seen great success in alleviating clients’ neck and shoulder pain through targeted therapy treatments.

Do you have foot or ankle pain?

Foot and ankle pain effectively limit or stop a person’s ability to enjoy walking, running, and standing. Life turns into a series of planning questions around how much time on the feet will be required for any given activity. And exercise? Forget most forms of it. RPM therapists address this restrictive and discouraging pain with effective therapies that enable clients to reclaim their lives and enjoy movement on their feet again.

Call RPM Today

Have you been in an accident? Are you experiencing the painful effects of aging? Conroe pain-sufferers, don’t put your life on hold. Call RPM Physical Therapy today, and let us help you get your life back, pain-free.

Do you have pain? Have you been injured? Let the professionals at RPM Physical Therapy help you get your life back.

Our Physical Therapists are trained to identify the ROOT cause of your problem and help guide you with a plan that has Long-Term Results. If you have big goals like running a marathon or you just want to be able to walk up the stairs without needing to ice down afterward, we are the right choice for you. Each person we work with gets an individual program that fits their personal needs, whether they are a caregiver, or they are motivated to be independent and avoid being a burden on loved ones.

Your goals are our goals and when you put your trust in us, we provide:

  • One on One treatment and attention which is absolutely necessary but hard to find.
  • Treatment plans specific to your needs and aspirations.
  • Exercise programs that can be done with as little or as much equipment as necessary.
  • The newest hands-on Manual Therapy from the cutting edge of Physical Therapy education and Fellowships.
  • A Doctor of Physical Therapy, One on One, at every step of the way. 
  • A family environment where you feel the true care that everyone has for you, far from the stale feel of a normal doctor’s office.

Our team is truly dedicated to your improvement and we give a 100% money back guarantee that if you aren’t happy with the service we provide then we don’t deserve you as a client. 

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About the Owner - Jonathan Ruzicka


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jonathan was born locally in Houston, TX but grew up in The Woodlands. He comes from a large family of 10. After graduating from The Woodlands High School in 2004 he went on to play football at Midwestern State University and Texas State. During his time in college he had what he thought was a career-ending back injury with two bulging disks. The search for someone to help him fix his body without surgery is what led him to his passion for Physical Therapy.

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"I had a herniated disc and it was against a nerve and they wanted to perform surgery or some kind of shot and I didn't want all that..."

Brad, Late 30's, Spring TX

"I didn’t have any strength in my left hand, I couldn’t even lift a glass. I had zero relief and was slated to go into surgery before I went to RPM..."

Leslee, Late 40's, The Woodlands TX

"I kept putting knee surgery off and the pain just got worse and worse and worse. Finally, I had to do something real about it..."

Betty, Early 80's, The Woodlands TX

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