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Only trained healthcare professionals can deliver the treatment you need if you suffer from post-injury pain and mobility problems. If you live in Tomball, TX, visit RPM Physical Therapy for treatment by trained, experienced therapists that will free you from pain and restore your mobility.

RPM Physical Therapy is a trusted facility that welcomes all patients and offers comprehensive therapy solutions. Our center is equipped with everything necessary for the care of our clients.

Dr. Jonathan Ruzicka, Ph.D., is the founder of RPM Physical Therapy and our lead therapist. His passion for the work comes out of his own recovery experience after a devastating back injury in college. A football player for Midwestern State University, Dr. Ruzicka was sidelined for a year after the injury and thought he would never play again. He did recover and return to the field, however.

It was his experiences on the road to wholeness that propelled Dr. Ruzicka into the field of physical therapy. Today, after earning both a Ph.D. and a fellowship in Manual Therapy, he is excited to have an established practice through which he can help others return to functional lives free from pain.

Dr. Ruzicka’s expertise lies in performance-based rehabilitation, myofascial release, tissue mobility, joint mobilization, and injury prevention.

When You Need a Physical Therapist in Tomball

When it comes to physical therapists, you won’t find one more dedicated to his patients than Dr. Ruzicka. He is committed to helping every RPM patient live their lives free from pain and mobility restrictions. His therapist team upholds this commitment with each patient in their care.

Physical Therapy

When you come to RPM for therapy, your evaluator will be the therapist that provides your ongoing care. That therapist will give you dedicated one-on-one attention for the duration of your one-hour session.

While other therapy centers assign one therapist to two or three patients at a time, at RPM, we believe that the dedicated full hour of therapy makes a big difference in the recovery rate of our clients. We’ve seen our clients get pain-free in half the time as patients with similar conditions at other centers.

Do you suffer from shoulder, knee, back, hip, and ankle injuries in Tomball? 

Consider RPM Physical Therapy for treatment. You’ll need a referral or prescription from a medical professional. This professional could be a doctor, nurse practitioner, PCP, chiropractor, specialist, dentist, or podiatrist.

Read through the following list of symptoms and see if you’re experiencing any of them (and then call us for a consultation, because we have successfully treated people like you): low back pain, plantar fasciitis, foot pain, tennis elbow, patella-femoral pain, shoulder impingement, golfer’s elbow, bursitis, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder problems, ankle sprains, and hip pain.

Mobility Therapy

Mobility has to do with movement. Mobility therapy is the collection of treatments and exercises that help our patients regain full movement without pain.

Mobility problems are common among people in their second half of life. Stiffness, joint aches, and pain are all typical complaints as people age. Some notice the symptoms coming on slowly. Others feel like they happen overnight.

It doesn’t matter whether stiffness, aches, and pains come on quickly or over time. What matters is their impact. These symptoms make everyday activities uncomfortable and difficult. While you used to go upstairs or swing a tennis racket without thought, now you’re aware that pain accompanies the motions. And you start to consider taking a pain reliever, avoiding staircases, or dropping out of pursuits you’ve always loved.

If all non-invasive strategies for pain management fail, you may even choose to undergo the knife.

At RPM, we know that medications and surgery don’t have to be the only options to get back to pain-free movement. We offer other solutions: therapies, education, and practices that together can work wonders in getting rid of aches, pain, and stiffness. Our therapists have achieved success in mobility therapy for countless RPM patients.

Movement and Performance

RPM’s programs for Movement and Performance (MAP) have proven themselves effective in helping our clients live actively, lose weight, and minimize the effects of aging.

Our MAP programs begin with helping clients uncover their motivations for living actively, losing weight, and pursuing anti-aging habits. Do you want to feel better overall? Keep up with your grandkids? Fit into last year’s tux? Our programs work best when motivations align with MAP strategies.

MAP programs include establishing priorities and setting goals. They also include a focus on injury prevention and safety. Since many of our clients have come to us for injury rehabilitation, safely pursuing activities is critical.

Get Personal Training at RPM

If you live in Tomball, TX, and suffer from pain in your neck, shoulders, feet, ankles, hips, or back, you would benefit from therapy sessions with a personal trainer. RPM’s standard practice is to pair clients with therapists for a full hour of one-on-one attention. This sets us apart from other therapy centers and results in an expedited recovery process.

Are you a back-pain sufferer?

Back pain can make a person’s life miserable, whether it develops slowly or begins with a sudden traumatic event. While some people with back pain eventually have surgery, undergoing the knife does not guarantee complete freedom from suffering. Other people forego surgery but end up dependent on pain medication. RPM therapists provide an alternative solution: a treatment protocol with no surgery or medication that has successfully vanished the back pain of many RPM patients.

Are you a knee pain sufferer?

Knee pain makes activities such as climbing stairs or climbing mountains difficult. Treatment at RPM by trained professionals makes a difference, and most of our clients have been able to return to their normal activities with no knee pain.

Do you suffer from neck and shoulder pain?

As people age, they become increasingly vulnerable to neck and shoulder pain. Pain killers and anti-inflammatories become common coping substances. At RPM, we offer other solutions that address core problems and result in lasting freedom from neck and shoulder pain.

Do you have foot or ankle pain?

Walking, running, and even standing are activities that get curtailed by foot and ankle pain. People who suffer from this kind of pain find that the decision to participate in activities is dictated by how much time will be spent on their feet. RPM therapies work to manage and vanish foot and ankle pain.

Call RPM Physical Therapy Today

If you suffer from injury pain or joint and muscle aches, reach out to RPM Therapy Center. Tomball pain sufferers, don’t put off the call. You deserve to live an active, pain-free life!

Do you have pain? Have you been injured? Let the professionals at RPM Physical Therapy help you get your life back.

Our Physical Therapists are trained to identify the ROOT cause of your problem and help guide you with a plan that has Long-Term Results. If you have big goals like running a marathon or you just want to be able to walk up the stairs without needing to ice down afterward, we are the right choice for you. Each person we work with gets an individual program that fits their personal needs, whether they are a caregiver, or they are motivated to be independent and avoid being a burden on loved ones.

Your goals are our goals and when you put your trust in us, we provide:

  • One on One treatment and attention which is absolutely necessary but hard to find.
  • Treatment plans specific to your needs and aspirations.
  • Exercise programs that can be done with as little or as much equipment as necessary.
  • The newest hands-on Manual Therapy from the cutting edge of Physical Therapy education and Fellowships.
  • A Doctor of Physical Therapy, One on One, at every step of the way. 
  • A family environment where you feel the true care that everyone has for you, far from the stale feel of a normal doctor’s office.

Our team is truly dedicated to your improvement and we give a 100% money back guarantee that if you aren’t happy with the service we provide then we don’t deserve you as a client. 

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About the Owner - Jonathan Ruzicka


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jonathan was born locally in Houston, TX but grew up in The Woodlands. He comes from a large family of 10. After graduating from The Woodlands High School in 2004 he went on to play football at Midwestern State University and Texas State. During his time in college he had what he thought was a career-ending back injury with two bulging disks. The search for someone to help him fix his body without surgery is what led him to his passion for Physical Therapy.

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"I had a herniated disc and it was against a nerve and they wanted to perform surgery or some kind of shot and I didn't want all that..."

Brad, Late 30's, Spring TX

"I didn’t have any strength in my left hand, I couldn’t even lift a glass. I had zero relief and was slated to go into surgery before I went to RPM..."

Leslee, Late 40's, The Woodlands TX

"I kept putting knee surgery off and the pain just got worse and worse and worse. Finally, I had to do something real about it..."

Betty, Early 80's, The Woodlands TX

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