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Texas TreeVentures – The Woodlands

Texas tree Ventures: Go and have your fun

Texas TreeVentures is an outdoor aerial adventure course where you’ll be able to reach new heights! Set among the trees, this one-of-a-kind course is psychologically and physically demanding. It provides a fun activity for families, friends, and groups as they attempt to navigate a succession of poles, wires, and other obstacles for three hours.

The course is located on the grounds of The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park. It is next to the 1,800-acre George Mitchell Nature Preserve, home to animals and hike and bike paths, adding to a visiting adventurer’s and nature lover’s itinerary.

Participant Requirements:

  • More than 44 pounds but less than 275 pounds
  • Height: To complete the course alone, you must have a vertical reach of 70 inches when standing flat-footed, regardless of age.
  • Participants must have a minimum reach of 70′′ while standing flat-footed to navigate the course unaided, regardless of age. Transfers for participants who do not match those height restrictions will require the assistance of an Adult Monitor.
  • A ticket is required for all Adult Monitors.
  • Adult Monitors are only allowed to interact with one (1) element of the youth participation.
  • Supervision of children and adolescents Daycares and birthday celebrations are also subject to the rules. The employees of Texas TreeVentures will not be directly responsible for the supervision of youngsters on the course.

Reservation and Pricing:

The course is intended to be a “choice-based challenge.” Each participant is given three hours to complete their reservation to experience the course at their speed and degree of comfort. Your three-hour reservation time slot will include Gear Up and Ground School training, which will take about 30-45 minutes.

Visit or call 281-210-2048 for pricing and to arrange your excursion.

Recreation on the Water:

Spend the day paddle boarding or kayaking in The Woodlands to take advantage of the nice weather and availability of water. Riva Row Boat House, located at Town Green Park along The Woodlands Waterway, and Lakes Edge Boat House, located at Hughes Landing on Lake Woodlands, both provide stand-up paddleboard and kayak rentals for usage on The Woodlands Waterway and Lake Woodlands. A swan boat can accommodate a group or family of four, and it  can be utilized to explore the upper portion of The Woodlands Waterway.


If you want to have fun with your family and friends, the tree ventures are best for it.

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