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The Woodlands – George Mitchell Preserve

Enjoying the pleasure of life in George Mitchell Preserve


The George Mitchell Preserve is a 1,800-acre preserve joined to the adjacent forest known as the Spring Creek Greenway. It has miles of hike and bike trails and gives a beautiful exposure to native plants and wildlife. You can enter George Mitchell Nature Preserve at the Flintridge Drive Trailhead, near The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park and Texas TreeVentures, an outdoor aerial adventure route.

George Mitchell Nature Preserve is one of the tourists most liked places to enjoy outdoor hiking and outing in The Woodlands for various good reasons. Here, the travelers can hike for two miles by keeping an eye peeled for migrating birds and other wildlife. Hiking in an area surrounded by beautiful wildlife gives immense pleasure to one’s mind and makes one feel peaceful.

Tourists can ride the three miles of bike trails. The environment gives you fresh air to breathe; it almost makes you feel like you fly by striking trees and succulent flora. This site is a part of the evolving Montgomery County Spring Creek Greenway that will join the forests, covering up to 12,000 acres of land. This area is surrounding Spring Creek, north of Houston.

Apart from this, if you’re looking for more hiking in The Woodlands, you’ll enjoy the expanded Spring Creek Nature Trail. There are many more adventurous sites you can explore at George Mitchell Nature Preserve.

Facilities provided in George Mitchell Nature Preserve-

George Mitchell Nature Preserve provides various adventurous places. Following are a few facilities:

  • Parks, Recreation, and Environmental Services
  • Acacia Park
  • Alden Bridge Park
  • Alden Bridge Pool
  • Alden Bridge Sports Park
  • Alden Place Park
  • Alden Trace Park
  • Alden Woods Park
  • Artist Grove Park
  • Avalon Park, etc.


orge Mitchell Nature Preserve is one of the perfect places for hiking and enjoying with your friends and family. If you want to discover the finest trails for an adventurous hike or a family trip, you can prefer George Mitchell Preserve. All the trails at the site have ten exhilarating and fantastic hiking trails, biking trails, running trails, and more. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings covering you.

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