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Tamarac Park of The Woodlands

Tamarac Park of the Woodlands for an exciting trip

Tamarac Park is the third park established in The Woodlands, and it has been renovated many times over these years after its establishment. The Tamarac Park has a few entrances that are connected to the tracks that run parallel throughout. Also, it runs along with a school and always makes space for fun and adventure.

Location of Tamarac Park:

Tamarac Park is located in the village of Grogan’s Sawmill.

Address of the Tamarac Park: 1300 North Millbend Drive The Woodlands, Texas 77380

The tri-fountains in one of the park’s ponds are visible from Woodlands Parkway, also known as a millpond; these ponds are located within a short distance of the park.

Tamarac Park’s general information:

Park Type: Neighbourhood

Date Acquired: 1980

Village: Grogan’s Mill

Park Acreage: 10.05

Pathway Mileage: 0.868 +/-

Parking Spaces 30

How is Tamarac Park revamped?

As mentioned above, this park has been renovated many times after its establishment. Most recently, it was refurbished with a wheel-friendly area. The Woodlands Community Association approved the use of remaining funds to develop an area for dogs at the  Tamarac Park because of the hope of the Woodlands to The Woodlands Township. Its large trees offer plenty of shade for dogs to play off-leash. As per The Woodlands, the Inside Story of Creating a Better Hometown, many mills of Grogan-Cochran Lumber Company are operated near what is present Lamar Elementary School.

Amenities in the Tamarac Park:

  • Restrooms
  • Play Areas for younger & older
  • 43′ x 27′ Pavilion
  • 13 picnic tables
  • Three barbecue pits
  • Dog-Friendly Area
  • 30 parking spaces
  • Two fishing ponds
  • Two lighted tennis courts
  • One lighted basketball court
  • One volleyball court
  • Skateboard, skate, and bike area
  • BBQ pits
  • Belt swings
  • Bucket swings
  • Drinking fountains
  • Playing equipment
  • Wheel Friendly area

Reservation facilities in Tamarac Park:

One needs to acquire permits to make a reservation for a public park pavilion or any park facility from The Woodland Township Facility; one can also make a reservation request online. For payment, the person has to pay for reservations in the park within seven days of making the reservation. Otherwise, it would not be considered and deleted from the system.


So, This is all about the Tamarac Park of Woodlands, where you can enjoy your holiday with kids as well as dog pets.

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